Paw Print Necklace

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Paw Print Necklace
Paw Print Necklace

I'm really excited to be able to offer paw prints to the Petite Prints range.
Please select this option for any of your furry babies prints (cat, dog, horse and more :)

For this I will need you to send me a paw print. You can make a paw print with paint on paper and then take a photo of the print to send me. You may have an existing photo of a wet paw on a deck or a hoof print in the dirt, I'm happy to have a look at any photos and see if I can work with them. Please send photos to

The paw print charm will come on a 45cm sterling silver ball chain necklace, this is a timeless and effortless elegant chain which is easy to wear and easy to clean.

If you would like a name on the charm I may be limited to what I can fit on, please let me know the name in the comments and I will see what I can do.

This price is for one paw print charm. If you would like additional charms or name tags please add these to your cart to purchase.

Below is a link to a quick video of how to take a footprint using poster paint

You can also follow these steps

What you will need:
1) Dark coloured poster/craft paint
2) Light coloured paper
3) Tape or bluetac
4) A damp clean up cloth
5) A pen or pencil

How to take the print
1) Tape the paper to a hard surface on the floor (a laundry or bathroom where you can shut the door is ideal, this ensures paint isn't run through your house)
2) Paint a thin even layer across the bottom of the paw
3) Press directly down onto one side of the paper
4) Press the pawagain on the other side of the paper (sometimes the first print is too dark)
5) Clean the paw using the damp cloth
6) Write the name on the paper
7) Take a photo of the print and email to me

Item is hand made to order.

Turn around time is 2-3 weeks (from a fingerprint appointment or having the silicone mould kit returned).

Please add to your cart to purchase and add name details there, thank you.

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