Fingerprint Process

How it all happens

The product I use to create my charms is a clay made of pure silver powder, water and a non-toxic organic binding agent. The silver has been extracted from old film stock and negatives making it a totally recycled and eco friendly product.

Ideally I would take your loved ones fingerprint impression in person directly into the silver clay. This may not be an option due to location, illness or circumstances, for this I would then send you a silicone mould kit.

Taking an impression in person
After arranging a time that is convenient to you and your loved one, we will meet and take the fingerprint impression. I will roll out the clay whilst still in its soft state and gently but firmly press the finger directly into the silver clay. I then take away the piece to begin work on the next stage.

Using a silicone mould kit
I will send you out a silicone mould kit along with step by step instructions. The kit will contain enough silicone to take two impressions. Once you have made these you send these back to me and I will use the best impression to create a reverse mould out of and then use this to press into the silver clay.

Once the silver clay is dried, I shape, file and sand the item before firing. During the firing process, the non-toxic binders burn away and the silver combines together to form solid silver. It is re-sanded, then given a treatment that enhances the print and finally hand polished before attaching the charm to your choice of jewellery.

What we are left with is a totally unique piece. No two charms will ever be the same. Each one produced will have it’s own individual characteristics that you would expect from a handcrafted piece. Unlike mass produced and machined jewellery, your item will have a handmade appearance.

You will be contacted once your item has been completed and beautifully gift wrapped. You can either collect it or I can arrange for delivery back to you.