Welcome to Petite Prints: Treasured Fingerprint Jewelry Since 2010

At Petite Prints, our mission since 2010 has been to capture your loved ones' fingerprints in silver, creating timeless treasures to cherish forever.

Whenever possible, we take your loved one's fingerprint directly into silver clay, ensuring that your jewellery has been touched by someone you hold dear. If this isn't possible, we provide a fingerprint mold kit, allowing you to keep that special person close to your heart at all times.

Each Petite Prints charm is meticulously handcrafted from fine silver, stamped with the silver hallmark (STG or 999FS), and finished with solid sterling silver fittings, unless otherwise specified. Our charms come in various shapes and can be purchased individually or attached to a stunning piece of jewellery from our collection.

A significant amount of time, care, and attention to detail is invested in crafting every charm, resulting in a finished piece as unique as the individual whose fingerprint adorns it.

Meet Lana: Creator and Designer

I'm Lana, I'm a multi-faceted creative with a passion for design and jewellery making. With a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) from Christchurch Polytechnic (now Ara), I've honed my skills in graphic design and photography, having worked professionally as a Senior Graphic Designer and Digital Project Manager in New Zealand and Australia.

After navigating the challenges of rebuilding our home post-Christchurch earthquakes and raising two lively children, I'm very much enjoying the creative side of jewellery making as well as being able to create something special and unique that will be truly treasured.

In addition to my jewellery business, I do project graphic design project work over at iknowthisperson.com. I'm actively involved in supporting my children's school and having successfully run The Mt Pleasant Art Exhibition in 2022 and 2023.

Thank you for choosing Petite Prints to capture your precious memories.

Warm regards,